Funding Opportunities for Ventures Incorporating Nanotechnology into Space

Funding Opportunities for Ventures Incorporating Nanotechnology into Space

The Nanotechnology World Association (NWA) will collaborate with the European Space Agency (ESA) in Funding Innovative Ventures combining Space and Nanotechnology

The NWA is proud to announce that it will collaborate to promote the ESA Space Solutions program within the NWA’s extensive nanotechnology network of contacts. Under the ESA Space Solutions program, especially within its Business Application element, businesses can submit ideas for innovative services using space technologies and obtain zero-equity co-funding in excess of €2 million per activity, if selected.

Moreover, the selected ventures will also benefit from a dedicated ESA consultant, technical and commercial guidance, access to ESA’s network of partners, and the credibility of the ESA brand. This program is open to groups, organizations and businesses that reside in ESA member states.

The aim of this collaboration is to support the development of commercial services leveraging both space and nanotechnologies that could have a positive impact across a wide variety of sectors. Applications can be found in several domains, examples of immediate interest to ESA Space Solutions include Green Buildings, Smart Supply Chains, Decommissioning of Energy Assets, to name a few.

As a means to stay flexible and inclusive for the myriad of possible innovation paths, the ESA Space Solutions program proposes two main ways to apply. There is a permanently Open Call for Proposals through which a tenderer can submit ideas addressing any topic, and there are Competitive Tenders where applicants can apply to ESA’s thematic open competitions (e.g. Agriculture, Construction, Ports of the Future…).

ESA Space Solutions support the implementation of feasibility studies, in which the technical and commercial feasibility of a proposed solution is validated, and demonstration projects, in which an MVP (minimum viable product) of the solution is trialed with end-users on-board.

“We are pleased to help ESA in funding and support of innovative solutions combining space and nanotechnologies”, said Marine Le Bouar, CEO of the NWA. “There are numerous researchers, startups, and businesses in our extensive network of contacts that could greatly benefit from this generous and ongoing program provided by ESA.”, she added.

“The collaboration between ESA Space Solutions and NWA will offer the opportunity to showcase the benefits that space and nanotechnologies, two technical domains seemingly far from each other, can together bring to user communities in a number of vertical sectors”, mentioned Rita Rinaldo, Head of Institutional Projects Section, ESA Space Solutions.

To learn more about the collaboration, the admissibility criteria and the process to apply, you may visit the NWA website here.


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