And Finally You Can Breathe Freely Outside with O2 Nano Mask

And Finally You Can Breathe Freely Outside with O2 Nano Mask

Need a better mask? While we all want to avoid microparticles when we’re outside the house, the current offerings are often hard to breathe through and have a poor fit. Thanks to the O2 Nano Mask, however, you don’t have to put up with uncomfortable masks anymore. Check out these masks for a breathable, adjustable, and effective mask-wearing experience.

When you’re out in public, you know you should take steps to prevent inhaling harmful particles. The trouble is, your face mask makes breathing difficult. How can you carry on with your day-to-day activities when you’re feeling dizzy from lack of air? Also, your one-size-fits-all mask never quite fits the way you want, and you’re constantly adjusting it to make it stay on your face. You’re not fussy; these are actual design flaws that the makers of the O2 Nano Mask nanofiltration mask hope to remedy.

How is this mask different from others? Instead of merely filtering air through cloth like a simple bandana mask, the O2 Nano Mask tucks a three-layer nanofiltration membrane inside its two-layer skin. Each membrane is designed to block out things like smoke, bacteria, and some viruses. This mask’s design also features adjustable earloops and a flexible nose wire, so you can be sure you have the best fit possible.

Finally, a mask that’s breathable

One of the significant downsides to wearing a face covering is that it restricts your airflow. Who can go about their day normally when they can’t get enough air? Not too many people. But the O2 Nano Mask features an intricate design and detailed mesh cutout to make breathing with a mask natural. The makers of these nanofiltration masks say that a breathable mask shouldn’t make you feel like you’re blowing up a balloon. And the typical face mask takes more than double the effort to breathe through than the O2 Nano Mask. It’s important to feel like you’re getting enough oxygen, and this protective covering provides that. But it’s not just breathable. This is a face mask you can wear while exercising or playing sports. It’s that good.

Avoid harmful particles while you’re out

The whole point of wearing a mask is to block out harmful particles. Luckily, this nanofiltration mask achieves 99% particle removal efficiency based on EN143 European Certification standards. This means that it blocks 99% of PM2.5 particles. That includes dust, pollen, other allergens, toxic gases, smoke, and other fumes. And those three filters I mentioned earlier? Two contain PET fibers and the other blocks nanoparticles as small as 0.1 micrometers. So you’ll definitely breathe safer with this nanofiltration mask.

Adjust the fit to your needs

Another problem with the typical face mask? A poor fit. Those one-size-fits-all masks don’t fit everyone, especially if you have a small face. They often slip off your ears or even fall over your nose. In the end, you have to wonder if they protect you from anything at all. But this nanofiltration mask has ear loops that you can adjust to keep the mask snug over your face at all times. Also, the flexible nose wire further ensures the mask stays close to your face, right where it needs to be. This way, you’ll be confident you’re breathing clean, quality air whenever you’ve got your mask on.

This protective gear is buy-one, donate-one

While this mask will make you feel good while you’re wearing it (since everyone feels better when they can breathe, right?), you’ll also know you’re doing your part to help those in need. For every O2 Nano Mask you purchase, the makers will donate one mask to an essential local worker who needs it. So by choosing this nanofiltration mask, you’re not only protecting yourself but also others. Which is part of the reason you’re wearing a mask anyway.

These masks reduce waste

While disposable surgical masks sure are convenient, they last for only about half an hour before you should change them. And with each mask you use, you could be taking one away from a medical worker on the front lines. These nanofiltration masks, however, are reusable. So you’ll cut down on accumulating landfill waste and do your part to save disposable face masks for the people who need them for their jobs.

I’m always looking for a good mask, and this one fits the bill. It’s tough going about day-to-day life not breathing enough from an uncomfortable, poorly fitting mask. And when a mask fits properly and gives you plenty of air, you’re more likely to make a habit out of wearing it. In any case, this nanofiltration mask is a step in the right direction. 


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