TouchSource’s Protective Antimicrobial Film Reduces Pathogens by 99.99% within 24 hours

TouchSource’s Protective Antimicrobial Film Reduces Pathogens by 99.99% within 24 hours

TouchSource extended its wellness and safety solutions for post-pandemic digital signage and kiosks with TouchSource Protect antimicrobial touch screen film and replenishment services.

With the rise in concerns after a spike in coronavirus cases across the country, it puts added pressure on property managers, human resource professionals and facility managers to provide visibly safer experiences for visitors. While people want to return to work, play and community activities, they also want clear and visible assurances that the places they visit are safe and clean. And, building owners and managers want to protect employees from unnecessary exposure to potential COVID-19 carriers.

TouchSource has led the industry in offering interactive, contactless digital directories, wellness kiosks, visitor communications and tenant safety solutions. Now, we’re equipping property owners and managers with antimicrobial films for their digital directories, digital signage and kiosk touch screens. Customers can work with us to install or self-install TouchSource Protect antimicrobial film as a fast and simple hygiene component that also protects your displays from smudges, dirt and sun glare. We’ll provide an on-screen design component that lets visitors know about the safety feature—which will add to visitor comfort as they re-enter buildings and public spaces.

Antimicrobial films aid in containment of any bacteria and viruses using a silver nanoparticle coating bonded to a low residue adhesive which prevents bacterial colonization. Antimicrobial film reduces the time window in which bacteria and viruses are viable on the screen. The film reduces contamination from common pathogens by at least 99.99% within 24 hours.​ TouchSource Protect film is very thin—only 120 microns thick—for antimicrobial protection with unimpeded interactivity. Also, it protects against scratches and scuffs and comes with matte anti-glare surface finish for improved usage of digital signage. The film can be applied to currently installed displays and will be applied to new shipments at no added cost for TouchSource customers from now through September 1st, 2020 as an added benefit for our valued clients at this challenging time.

As property managers struggle to put both public health messaging and procedures in place, TouchSource Protect antimicrobial film can add another layer of hygiene protection and showcase what building owners are doing to serve tenants and their visitors.

Together with the just-announced TouchSource Taos wellness kiosk which delivers contactless messaging with temperature readings and hand sanitizing, TouchSource Protect antimicrobial film is part of a full suite of public health messaging and visitor safety tools for a post-pandemic world.


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