Nanotronics Forms New Subsidiary, Nanotronics Health, LLC, To Accelerate Innovation in the Medical Device Industry

Nanotronics Forms New Subsidiary, Nanotronics Health, LLC, To Accelerate Innovation in the Medical Device Industry

Nanotronics announced the formation of Nanotronics Health, LLC, a healthcare technology company whose mission is to create urgently needed medical devices that are accessible, affordable, easy to use, and intelligently designed.

Led by President Julie Orlando, Nanotronics Health will be powered by Nanotronics who will design, build and manufacture medical devices quickly and at scale by applying their proprietary Intelligent Factory Control (IFC). Devices will be manufactured in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has set us back in dangerous ways, exposing deep inequalities in advanced economies and a lack of imagination in science and invention,” said Nanotronics CEO, Matthew Putman. “We’ve launched Nanotronics Health not only to make an impact, but to serve as an example for how other manufactures can invent, design and produce with urgency.”

In 90 days, Nanotronics Health, LLC’s first product, nHale™, was concepted, designed, built, and received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to assist patients suffering from COVID-19 disease in traditional healthcare facilities and spaces converted for the care of large numbers of COVID-19 patients. It is a non-invasive approach designed to be used in non-life-threatening situations, where a patient is in need of breathing assistance but is not in need of invasive ventilatory support, based on standard medical protocols.

“nHale™ is a COVID-19 response with a long-lasting mission: to make simple, well-designed products that are both comfortable and easy to use, accessible to patients in hospitals and eventually at home,” said Nanotronics Health President, Julie Orlando. “We will continue in our mission to fulfill the greatest needs in the medical device space by streamlining supply chains and powering manufacturing through AI. This will allow us to go from invention to mass production quickly, cost effectively, and with high quality, technologically advanced products.”

Nanotronics Health is seeking additional investment for rapid scaling in COVID-19 hotspots with surging cases.


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