Versarien Launches First Graphene Protective Face Mask

Versarien Launches First Graphene Protective Face Mask

Versarien has announced the launch of its first Graphene Enhanced Protective Face Mask, which utilises Polygrene, Versarien's graphene enhanced polymer.

The advanced materials engineering group recently received pre-launched sales activity for the mask, which resulted in 100,000 masks being delivered to a leading British university and 20,000 ordered by a UK electrical and mechanical servicing and repairs business.

The mask is a filtering facepiece which protects against airborne bacteria and minimises the spread of viral infection and is to be manufactured by an unnamed Chinese partner.

The addition of graphene to polymers allows many benefits, including allowing innovative products to be developed utilising existing production processes, the group said, while the Polygrene is blended with a sustainably sourced cellulose (viscose) material mix.

The company said the mask meets the important BS EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard for respiratory protective devices, with its antibacterial performance certified according to GB/T 20944.2.2007 and its anti-viral performance certified according to ISO 18184:2014 (E).

Consequently, the mask meets the guidelines as issued by the World Health Organisation.

Versarien said the new protective face mask is enhanced with a coated layer utilising Polygrene, an advanced graphene-based material featuring Nanene - the world's only independently Verified Graphene Product certified by The Graphene Council.

"Our new graphene enhanced mask is just one example of Polygrene's versatility and the high-quality design specifications that can be met using the material,” said Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien.

He said, “We have taken great encouragement from the initial level of interest and are already in discussions with a number of other potential customers. Importantly, through our partner, we also have the capacity to fulfil much larger numbers of product orders going forward."

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