Japan Based Company Brings Nano Bubble Solutions to the Netherlands

Japan Based Company Brings Nano Bubble Solutions to the Netherlands

Osaka Japan based Acniti LLC announces its partnership with Vsquare Holding B.V. in Vollenhove, the Netherlands. The company specialises in developing and producing nano bubble technology systems.

The partnership will be on exclusive basis for sales and development in the Benelux and eventually bound to expand for the rest of Europe. VSquare will market the products under their brand and concept name nanobubble solutions.

Vsquare Holding director Rick Kirpestein has followed nano bubble technology ever since his visit to Japan 10 years ago and finally found his supplying company in Acniti, run by 2 fellow Dutchmen, Erik van Berkum and Paul Pepping out of the centre of nano bubble technology, Japan.

Acniti is selling its own developed Turbiti series of nano bubble mixers to regions across the globe but was never very active in the agricultural sector of the Netherlands and other industries in Europe. Bestselling items are Turbiti 737, 747 mixing systems and the Oxiti oxygen concentrator.

Mr Kirpestein is convinced these items will conquer his market too. The benefits of the low pressure oxygen nano bubble systems are obvious in fields ranging from vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, fishery, poultry and livestock, and all the way down to seed germination.

Paul: "We are very excited to have a partnership in the Netherlands, this will be our third partnership for our global aspirations and we are open for more contacts. We trust that all these markets with their specific feedback can gear us further into the development of even more specialized and tailor made products”


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