LAMP PCR Test Kit from the Institute of Nanotechnology

LAMP PCR Test Kit from the Institute of Nanotechnology

The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology functioning under the purview of the State Ministry of Technology and Innovation has been successful in developing LAMP ( Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) PCR test kit to be used in the detection of COVID-19 virus.

Compared with the test kit previously used in the RT- PCR machine, this new test kit helps in reducing the time and cost spent on a PCR test. A continuous supply can also be ensured as this test kit is produced within our country.

This LAMP PCR test kit is presently at the clinical trial phase and is due to be introduced to the country’s health sector ,shortly. During the recent past, the Sri Lanka Institute of Nano Technology commenced the manufacture of SWABS being used in the covid-19 virus detection test, within the country and supplied the product to the Health Services Supplies Division and to the Medical Research Institute. It was decided to continue with the production of SWBS.

These matters were highlighted at a discussion held at the Ministry of Health, presided by DR (Mrs) Seetha Arambepola, State Minister of Skills Development Vocational Education, Technology and Innovation, precipitated by the current situation of the country in relation to covid-19 outbreak.

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