Fujikura Joins MIT.Nano Consortium

Fujikura Joins MIT.Nano Consortium

Optical communication device and electrical equipment manufacturing company to advise, collaborate with MIT researchers.

MIT.nano has announced that Fujikura, a company that develops and manufactures technologies for telecommunications, electronics, energy, and automotive products, has joined the MIT.nano Consortium.

The Tokyo-based company has manufactured wires and cables — “Tsunagu,” or connecting, technologies — since its founding in 1885. With this expertise developed over 130 years as a foundation, Fujikura’s current research and development efforts focus on applications for optical fibers, broadband wireless transmission, superconducting wires, electric vehicles, and other advanced technologies.

“For more than a century, Fujikura has been in the business of making connections. This spirit is a perfect match for MIT’s culture of innovation through collaboration,” says Vladimir Bulović, the founding faculty director of MIT.nano and the Fariborz Maseeh (1990) Professor of Emerging Technology. “We look forward to connecting our new colleagues from Fujikura to the MIT community and the members of the MIT.nano Consortium.”

MIT.nano’s principal relationship with Fujikura will be with the company’s Advanced Research Core (ARC), a new unit established at Fujikura in 2019 to conduct advanced basic research.

“Right now, we live in a very exciting time surrounded by digital transformation. To enable our researchers to envision the next era, the Advanced Research Core works to develop cutting-edge technologies, covering both basic and applied areas. On behalf of ARC, I look forward to exploring with MIT.nano the unlimited potential of nanotechnology to enrich the world,” says Yumi Yamada, Fujikura’s general manager of ARC.

In MIT.nano’s quarterly industry consortium meetings, Fujikura will provide advice alongside 12 other consortium companies to help guide and advance nanoscale innovations at MIT:

- Agilent Technologies
- Analog Devices
- Dow
- Draper
- Edwards
- Lam Research
- Raith
- Waters Corporation

MIT.nano continues to welcome new companies as sustaining members. “By learning from and collaborating with industry partners like Fujikura, we strengthen MIT’s ability to tackle urgent challenges and develop creative solutions, starting at the nanoscale and expanding to global impact,” says Bulović.

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