Brisbane Company Starts Search for Space Age Alloy

Brisbane Company Starts Search for Space Age Alloy

Brisbane company PPK is in search of a “super-strength aluminium alloy” and will team up with Deakin University and Victorian manufacturer Amaero International.

The research into the new alloy would include PPK technology on boron nitrate nanotubes, which it describes as a material that is stable at temperatures far in excess of the boiling point of aluminium and other metals and was one of the strongest materials known.

PPK said multiple applications exist for a super strength aluminium including in defence and aerospace which were continually looking for materials that were lighter, stronger and more durable.

The three organisations will start research into the alloy this month under the name of Strategic Alloys and initial material validation is expected in early 2021.

PPK said the research would give rise to new intellectual property and create opportunities across the aerospace and defence industries.

“The joint venture aims to develop this revolutionary technology in Australia and create a new industry, employment, products and exports for years to come,” PPK said.

Executive chairman Robin Levison said the joint venture was an important step in demonstrating boron nitrate nanotubes.


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