‘Pandemic Revived Demand for Nanotech Protection,’ Says Luxor Group MD

‘Pandemic Revived Demand for Nanotech Protection,’ Says Luxor Group MD

The Luxor Group has expanded the scope of its business by unveiling nanotechnology-based products for long-term protection in the health and hygiene space under the brand Luxor Nano. Pooja Jain Gupta, MD, says the firm would make a difference in this segment as it did with writing products.

What is the thought behind nanotechnology products?

The concept was envisioned by my late father D.K. Jain. He dreamed of making India a cleaner and healthier country by bringing in nanotechnology products for long- term protection against bacteria.

He had thought about these products in 2008 and had engaged scientists. We had discussed the broad strategy but back then it was very complex. Bringing about a habit change in the end consumer was an uphill task.

Having realised that altering consumer habit would be an uphill task, we put this project on the back burner.

e recently revived the project as the pandemic had created fear in the minds of consumers who were now looking for enhanced safety and protection, creating a much stronger need for this category. We were convinced that our products would make a difference.

What are your plans in the nanotechnology space?

We have already introduced five products in the category of ‘All in One’ disinfectants for hard and soft surfaces with long-lasting protection and also some products in the ‘Protection On the Go’ category which are convenient sizes of hand sanitisers and disinfectants that can be carried by people of all ages at all times.

The investment has been around ₹50 crore, including in R&D. We have partnered with a German company. We plan to introduce more product categories for home and personal hygiene.

What is your target?

We plan to make Luxor Nano a ₹100-crore revenue business in the four years. We have introduced it through the digital route but with our strong distribution network we will cater to the entire country by next year. Luxor Nano will also foray into international markets.

What is unique about these products?

Luxor Nano is based on nanotechnology wherein molecular structures are conducted at nanoscale metres Extremely small particles bind together to create a layer of impregnation on any surface protecting it from bacteria, viruses and dust particles. Luxor Nano will be bringing in technology for long-term protection.

What new areas you are looking into?

We are planning products for gadgets cleaning, specifically for mobile cleaning. People use the mobile all the time and touch the screens regularly. At any time a mobile phone has 30,000 microorganisms per square inch area. At times it changes multiple hands and it can’t be cleaned with soap and water. We are going to introduce categories of products which will give long-lasting protection by cleaning and disinfecting.

What is the size of this category and expected growth?

This is an evolving category. We are unique and the category size is limitless as it is used in multiple industries. Health and hygiene was never a priority for Indian consumers, as awareness level was extremely low. The pandemic has taught us even the basic hygiene routine of hand wash which should have been a habit. It has gone into the users’ mind now.


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