Most Impressive Worldwide Nanotechnology Contributions to Life Quality in 2020

Most Impressive Worldwide Nanotechnology Contributions to Life Quality in 2020

Given the whole published scientific reports, patents, statistics, news, standards, and regulations as well as commercial products and projects in 2020, StatNano is undertaking a survey in company with the audience to find out the most important event in the nanotechnology field with the greatest impact on people's life quality.

As a real impressive performer in the future scenes of science and human life, nanotechnology deserves increasing attention, and that’s why StatNano clients check back for this site regularly to follow the every-day updating news of this field. It's noteworthy that as scientists are researching projects, inventors are patenting novel ideas, companies are developing new productions, and governments are planning for new programs, StatNano is simultaneously publishing their performance results, and all its attempts rely on an enthusiast for bringing a better life to people in all over the world.



For this reason, in partnership with nanotechnology global society, StatNano group is going to investigate and introduce the most significant event at the end of each year. In 2020, this group has generally discussed the below questions:

- How many scientific publications have been reported this year? And how are their number growing now?
- Which companies of various countries have patented most of the inventions?
- Which industries have utilized nanotechnology productions this year?
- What are the novel properties brought out by nanotechnology for the first time?
- Which regulations and standards are recently legislated in the field of nanotechnology?

In the other words, according to news and statistics which we put effort to stat them this year, we are going to recognize and publish those aided more improvement in different people's life aspects.

Moreover, it can be mentioned that the aforesaid subject may not be an unfamiliar strange one! but actually a publication of new nanomaterials discovery or development, standard regulation, or product commercialization can pave a way to higher life quality, and thus with nanotechnology assistance, these will create the opportunity for the human in touch with nature to gain more life satisfaction.

The above-mentioned considerable achievements may be in one of the following categories:

New scientific achievements including recent discoveries in nano-science which are published in prestigious journals or scientific conferences and can vary from the introduction of a new nanomaterial with specific properties or recently discovered synthesis method to the commercial production of a nanomaterial or the exploration of a new phenomenon in nano-scale.

Introduction of a novel technology including the presentation of new patented technology by research centers, start-up companies, and active industrial corporations in the nanotechnology field.

Development of new products which are published as the recent news related to companies.

Starting a project or plan of nanotechnology with high impact in the future (for instance, starting a multi-national project).

Regulation of law or an instruction adjustment with serious probable effect in nanotechnology future.

In this regard, all the global nano-community is invited to participate in a survey relevant to the most paramount nanotechnology attainment of 2020, which will be published on the StatNano website and social networks in the coming days.
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