Applied Graphene Materials Customer Launches two Graphene-based Sealants

Applied Graphene Materials Customer Launches two Graphene-based Sealants

Applied Graphene Materials announced that its customer, Constellation Chemicals, launched two sealants in its car detailing product range enhanced with AGM’s graphene nanoplatelet technology.

The two products, Parallax, a graphene-enhanced ceramic sealant and Gravity, a graphene-enhanced snow sealant, launch following a program of research and testing by Constellation Chemicals.

The UK-based manufacturer of car care products claims that the sealants offer performance enhancements such as hydrophobicity, chemical resistance to acid rain, road salt and bird lye and produce excellent durability, gloss, water repellence and beading.

The new product launches demonstrate further progress in the incorporation of AGM’s Genable graphene nanoplatelet dispersions for the car care market.

"It is a further demonstration of the ease of use of AGM’s carefully formulated graphene dispersions in our customers’ product formulations," AGM CEO Adrian Potts said. "We look forward to these new products gaining greater customer interest in the innovative protective car care coatings sector, and to further opportunities to collaborate with Constellation Chemicals on future products.”

"These products offer some great characteristics for the automotive industry including corrosion and chemical resistance, gloss enhancement and heat dissipation," added Gian Franco Totis, managing director of Constellation Chemicals.


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