Halberd Corporation Successfully Conjugates Metallic Particles and E. Coli Antibody

Halberd Corporation Successfully Conjugates Metallic Particles and E. Coli Antibody

Breakthrough achievement enables extracorporeal eradication of pathogens via radio frequency waves and/or laser emissive energy.

Halberd Corporation announces the successful conjugation of gold-coated iron nanoparticles with an available E.coli antibody.  This milestone is a result of the Halberd sponsored research being conducted at GreenBioAz by Dr. Shawn Q. Chen. The conjugated E. coli antibody and metallic nanoparticle is a major step  toward the eradication of numerous bacteria from bodily fluids, such as cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) or blood, when exposed to tuned radio frequency waves or laser emissive energy. The gold-coating of iron nanoparticles combines the best features of each metal for this disease eradication process.

E. coli is the second leading cause of spinal infections (meningitis) in infants and is the most likely cause of blood sepsis. Almost ¾ of a million Americans lost their lives to these diseases last year.

Dr. William G. Sturrus of Youngstown State University, will be overseeing the E. coli elimination proof-of-concept testing.  Dr. Sturrus stated, “We’ve done some experimentation with iron oxide nanoparticles suspended in water, and the results showing we can elevate the temperature of the water by exposing the suspension to radio frequency waves or lasers have been very encouraging.  We anticipate that the gold-coated iron oxide nanoparticles conjugated with E. coli antibodies/antigens will behave in much the same way. The experimentation we have accomplished to date is a precursor of our planned program to demonstrate the eradication of serious pathogens by radio waves and/or laser energy.”

William A. Hartman, Halberd’s Chairman, President & CEO, commented, “The cooperation and coordination between our research partners at two state universities, each with their own expertise, combined with the expertise of GreenBioAZ has produced some very promising results.  E. coli is a good starting point for our testing in that it is relatively safe to work with, yet it has characteristics common to many antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  Our patented extracorporeal methodology combined with radio frequency and/or laser exposure could mean the end of bacterial diseases, including antibiotic-resistant bacterial diseases.  We believe our extracorporeal treatment process has the added benefit of eliminating side-effects normally associated with ingested or injected drug therapies, a long-sought-after goal of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Mr. Hartman continued “Our extensive portfolio of patent protection gives Halberd a unique position in the disease treatment industry.”

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