Graphene Nanotubes Coatings Now Available in Turkey

Graphene Nanotubes Coatings Now Available in Turkey

Graphene nanotubes provide a full range of resistance values and do not require changes to the manufacturing process for coatings or composites, which are widely used in Turkey’s leading industries today.

The focus of the partnership between the companies is on powder and industrial coatings, as well as self-leveling floors in the construction industry, a sector that is one of the driving forces of Turkish economic growth. The low working dosage (0.02–0.05 wt%) of graphene nanotubes in powder coatings opens the door to adding color to products, greater flexibility in the final formulation, and improved efficiency of logistics.

Most leading car manufacturers have assembly plants in Turkey, which provides additional opportunities for the application of graphene nanotubes. In particular, nanotube-based solutions in conductive primers used for electrostatic painting of bumpers, fenders, and other exterior parts on the main OEM painting line demonstrate high prospects.

The ultra-low working dosages of graphene nanotubes allow the production of colorful and even light-gray primers with an L-value as high as 75%, resulting in the opportunity to apply a thinner basecoat in comparison with primers containing other conductive carbon agents. ESD fiberglass mold coatings used in the automotive industry are the subject of substantial interest for the addition of nanotubes as well.

Hayim Pinhas, a company offering a wide range of products and technical know-how, and serving producers in various industries with its experienced sales team, highly values its reputation. We made the decision to form a long-term partnership with OCSiAl, realizing the undisputable advantages of graphene nanotubes over standard solutions in a number of industries,” said Cagatay Ozdemir, executive committee member and business unit general manager Hayim Pinhas A.S.

Andrew Dubrovskiy, technical sales and business development manager OCSiAl EU, further noted: “Turkish industry pays great attention to the questions of production efficiency and safety. Our solutions significantly reduce the risk of industrial accidents related to static electricity accumulation during demolding, simplify the existing process, and allow manufacturers to reduce costs.”

Currently, TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are marketed in more than 45 countries around the world. Nanotube solutions are already used to produce high-performance materials for the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, construction, electronics, printing, and other industries.

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