Nano-coatings Aid Preserving Environment

Nano-coatings Aid Preserving Environment

Schiller Farayand Pars’ ZR-Based Conversion Nano-coating are environment-preserving; by reducing usage of using dangerous chemical materials in products and they need mere water; making them appropriate for water scarce regions and are also non-sediment-and-mud nano-coating.

In recent years, Schiller Farayand Pars, has done a great help to preserve the environment by offering Zirconium-Based Conversion Nano-coating into the market. These nano-coatings are replacements of current coatings, used in companies such as Pakshoma, Aabsal, Emersun, Tash Radiator & Isatis and have reduced usage of using dangerous chemical materials in production of products like washing machine, fridge, radiator, heater, cooler and package to the least possible level. The Protective coatings commonly used on metal surfaces, need compounds which are hazardous for the environment and can incur lots of damages to people in the workplaces as well as the environment.

The Sales Engineering Mange of the Schiller Farayand Pars Company, Farhang Azad, says:” We have offered Zirconium -Based Conversion Nano-ceramic into the market with optimum usage for paint adhesion and increasing the resistance of the base metal. One of the benefits of this technology is reducing the needed final coating on the surface of the metal to a significant possible extent. For example, 10,000 nano-meters of nano-caoting on a part will be decreases below 100 nano-meters by using this conversion nano-coating.

He added; “Current coatings in industries, like zinc, nickel, manganese and phosphate, have environmental problem. But ours has no harm for the environment. On the other hand, the current coatings use lots of water, but the abovementioned Nano-coating needs mere water and they are appropriate for the environment especially in the regions which are faced with water scarcity.

In previous methods, lots of sediment and mud were produced and so lots of equipment had to be used for filtering sediment from the solution. But this a non-sediment-and-mud nano-coating. Also, this nano-coating is more appropriate for operators and laborers as they are in touch with healthier materials and have less side effects for the healthiness of the staff”.


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