Gamma Is a Graphene-Infused Jacket That Works For All Climates

Gamma Is a Graphene-Infused Jacket That Works For All Climates

Using remarkable materials and cutting-edge components, Gamma can be an ideal companion for nearly any occasion.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find clothes you can wear to numerous locations around the world. They’re either too thick or too thin, leading to inadequate temperatures and discomfort.

Fortunately, there’s a hi-tech garment that overcomes these obstacles. Gamma, a graphene-infused jacket, boasts groundbreaking properties to offer premium protection against the elements. It features innovative technology throughout the exterior. Let’s check it out.

Supreme Temperature Regulation

Gamma transcends traditional insulation and relies on graphene for outstanding thermoregulation. The jacket detects changes to your body temperature and adapts to them to maintain appropriate levels. The material distributes warmth through a latticed structure, drawing it from hotter to colder areas. It can also absorb an unlimited amount of heat and wick moisture to cool you off.

Three Adjustable Heaters

Gamma comes with three carbon fiber heaters. When you’re not feeling warm enough, you can activate them by pushing a button. Within seconds, the components start heating the jacket, and graphene circulates the heat throughout the surface. Due to excellent thermoregulating properties, the garment won’t become too hot to wear.

You can power the heaters with any power bank. All you need to do is to connect it to a USB-A port in your inner pocket.


Gamma is a graphene-infused jacket



Gamma is also highly functional, mainly due to a large number of pockets. There are 10 compartments, including two hidden ones. You can use them to store your travel documents or cash safely while on the road.

Also, the jacket comes with several adjustable elements to keep you well-protected against the elements:

- Drawstrings in the waist lock and hood to shield you from wind and retain heat
- A high neck and Velcro cuffs to protect sensitive skin and secure wrists
- Fingerless gloves to keep your hands safe without impairing your grip


Near Invulnerability

The jacket’s durability is also powered by graphene, which withstands nearly any form of damage. It endures scratches, tears, abrasions, and even punctures from knives.

Antisweat and Weatherproof

Jackets are notorious for causing excessive sweating, but this isn’t the case with Gamma. The model fends off odor-causing bacteria to prevent unpleasant smells. It interacts with sweat and neutralizes the odor using ionic conduction, which effectively removes harmful substances from the surface.

In addition, Gamma was designed for unforgiving conditions. Combining graphene’s intrinsic water and wind-resistant properties, a proprietary weave, and compact atomic bonds, the jacket is perfect for high winds and heavy rain.

Whether you’re going through a monsoon or a light mist, Gamma’s technology wards off moisture. Additionally, it repels winds of up to 50 miles per hour despite being extremely light (around one pound).

A Powerful Blend of Textile and Technology

Using remarkable materials and cutting-edge components, Gamma can be an ideal companion for nearly any occasion. It works for extreme sports, camping, travel, as well as casual strolls. You don’t have to worry about inclement weather ruining your day since the jacket can withstand all the elements. Plus, it’s functional and looks great even after years of heavy use.

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