NEO Battery Materials Announces Plans to Use Graphene in Its Batteries

NEO Battery Materials Announces Plans to Use Graphene in Its Batteries

Canada-based NEO Battery Materials, focused on battery metals and materials, recently stated its plan to use graphene in its batteries.

Neo Battery Materials said in a recent announcement that it "intends to implement graphene as a conductive additive when manufacturing the silicon anode materials and as a potential candidate as a nanocoating layer to enhance cycling durability. The conductive additive improves the electrical conductivity of the active material (i.e., silicon and/or graphite) and is an essential component along with the binder and active material to fabricate the end-product anode".

NEO also announced a new appointment of Dr. Dongmok Whang to its scientific advisory board, and stated that "His research expertise lies in the field of fabrication and manufacturing of low-dimensional nanomaterials, especially graphene, semiconductor nanowires, and porous nanostructures for applications in electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, and various energy storage solutions".

Dr. Dongmok Whang commented, "I am extremely pleased to be appointed as a scientific advisor for NEO. The Company is currently moving at a fast pace to introduce our silicon anode materials in commercially available EV batteries. As mentioned, we will utilize graphene as a complementary material to catalyze the performance improvement as both a conductive additive and a nanocoating material. We consider even marginal innovations of great importance to NEO's final product."

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