CrayoNano Receives $1,565,000 Grant from The Norwegian Research Council

CrayoNano Receives $1,565,000 Grant from The Norwegian Research Council

The Norway-based CrayNano, spun-off from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and specializes in UVC LED packaged chips for disinfection of water, surface and air based on a technology combining graphene and nanostructures, has received a grant of over USD$1,565,000 from the Norwegian Research Council of Norway for a project titled "UV-C LED using nanowires-on-graphene".

"This shows the interest and support of CrayoNano and our disruptive technology. There is a real need for better disinfection solutions, and this grant re-affirms CrayoNano's vision for a sustainable and healthier future for all." said Jo Uthus, CEO of CrayoNano.

CrayoNano has long been supported by European soft-funding programs. In addition to the grants from the Norwegian Research Council, CrayoNano was chosen as 1 of 38 companies among a total of 4230 applicants to EUs Horizon-program and was awarded ca NOK 25 million (almost USD$2,800,000) in late 2020.

Additionally, it was said that the EIC Fund, the funding partner of the Horizon program, is ready to invest an additional NOK 50 million (over USD$5,500,000) in equity within the next 12 months.

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