New Lipid Nanoparticle Formulation Development and Production Service

New Lipid Nanoparticle Formulation Development and Production Service

eTheRNA Manufacturing, a specialist CDMO member of the Belgian eTheRNA group, is introducing a new Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) formulation development and production service to support the discovery and preclinical development of RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines.

This new LNP service uses eTheRNA’s lipid libraries and proprietary formulations to facilitate targeted delivery and tailored biodistribution solutions, according to Bernard Sagaert, COO and senior vp of manufacturing at eTheRNA Manufacturing. Combined with the expertise of its specialist team, the new LNP service has been devised to allow customers to maximize the delivery of their RNA-products, he adds.

eTheRNA Manufacturing’s LNP formulation platforms reportedly employ a range of mRNA and lipid mixing technologies and will provide the market with differentiated alternatives to the LNP formulations in use currently, according to a company official, who notes that eTheRNA Manufacturing can also provide phase-appropriate analytical development in parallel with manufacturing process optimization to further assist customers with their RNA product development programs.

“The recent COVID pandemic has facilitated the rapid development and approval of the first-wave of COVID-19 RNA vaccines, which has led some people to underestimate some of the complexities of developing an RNA-based therapeutic or vaccine,” says Sagaert. “Development of efficacious and safe RNA-based medicines requires a unique set of skills and resources to simultaneously advance both the active drug substance and the correct formulation required for the drug product.

“Through our long-established focus on RNA manufacture and delivery, and associated proprietary technologies, we have engineered libraries of custom lipids, which enables our LNP formulation team to design the most appropriate LNP for your mRNA application.”


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