How Nano-tech is Helping Nirvana Being Tap the Bigger Market Share

How Nano-tech is Helping Nirvana Being Tap the Bigger Market Share

Nirvana Being is focused on launching sustainable, reusable, and affordable environmental products, which have a mass market in South Asia due to our deteriorating quality of air. It enables them to grab a bigger market share and grow.

Founded in 2015, with the vision to make the world a better Nirvana Being is committed to offering a better life to its customers. The Founder and CEO of Nirvana Being, Jai Dhar was a victim of air pollution in Delhi NCR, which continues to be the most polluted region on the planet, as well as an epicenter of communicable diseases, not limited to COVID-19. Nirvana Being was born after he was diagnosed with bronchial asthma in 2013. Since there is no quick fix to reverse air pollution, he realized that he needed solutions to filter the air that he was breathing, both indoor and outdoor. He had no option but to find safe solutions to protect himself, both indoors and outdoors and it has to be something technologically advanced that delivers high value for money.

“Our vision is to bring to our customer's mental peace and sanctity by offering innovative solutions to make their lives easier. With our wide range of sustainable products that solve problems, are technologically advanced, and are internationally certified by the highest authorities is our business mantra and keeping safety and protection at the forefront, we aim to offer a blend of solutions that are fashionably designed and protect you and your family at the same time,” he asserted.

Retail Strategy  

Nirvana Being is focused on launching sustainable, reusable, and affordable environmental products, which have a mass market in South Asia due to our deteriorating quality of air. It enables them to grab a bigger market share and grow.

“The business is divided into online and offline strategies. For online, we have our own website that has all these indoor and outdoor solutions available to combat air pollution and COVID-19. We are also listed on some leading e-commerce marketplaces in India and many platforms where we saw synergy - be it for kids or adults. For retail, we have a strategy for modern trade as well as general trade. We have a distribution model where we reach out to pharmacies, toy stores, stationery stores, bookstores, and party stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. We have about 60 percent of repeat customers on our platforms,” he elaborated.

Product Portfolio

Nirvana Being offers a range of innovative anti-pollution products and solutions. The company has products starting from specialized masks with the highest certifications for general everyday use to sports masks with a higher surface area for better breathing capability, with global certifications tested to suit customer needs.

“We have also introduced Indoor Air Purification to ensure that indoor spaces are health and safety compliant in Delhi NCR and India. Additionally, we provide purification and monitoring solutions for homes, cars, and centrally conditioned buildings to make clean air more accessible. With our wide range of products, we endeavor to offer all of the above with the highest level of protection. India tops the charts when it comes to air pollution and other communicable diseases, not just COVID. As more people will become aware of this category it will keep growing - both consumer and enterprise. We are looking at the larger health and well-being segment when it comes to expanding into new categories. This could be related to fitness, nutrition, and general health, we are currently looking for opportunities within this segment,” Dhar stated.

Tech Integration

There is a lot of science that goes behind making certified products that actually work. Nirvana Being was the first brand in India to make masks out of electro-spun nanofibers or nanotechnology.

Dhar explained very vividly saying, “Technology solutions for health and safety, environment and sustainability are in much demand during these trying times. Ever since we started, our goal was to make a mark in the marketplace with our unique nanotechnology-based solutions that are designed to improve the health and wellness of an individual being and their homes or workspace. Our hero product, Airific 2.0 mask is India’s first anti-viral mask that keeps out 96 perfect viruses and bacteria. We strongly believe that with India’s communicable disease and air pollution record, nanotech is the now and future of air filtration. All our HVAC solutions as well use certified green technology, and are completely reusable and washable.”

“We also saw that conventional air purifiers use plastics, so we decided to do away with that and created simple DIY AC filters that convert an existing Split AC into an air purifier. We implied the same technology to our car cabin filters as well, other companies approached this by adding another piece of hardware to the car cabin which was working to clean the air after the pollutants have entered the cabin, nevertheless, we took an approach that was not only better and more scientific but also has a very less cost attached to it. Also, it doesn’t create an obstruction in the car cabin. Every aspect of our filter has been carefully developed after thorough research to drive the health and safety of our end consumers. With the use of nanotechnology, we endeavor to develop even more scientific and sustainable protective gears in the future,” he further added.

Future Goals

With a CAGR of 30 percent YoY since its inception in 2015, Nirvana Being has 60 percent returning customers. “This tells us that our growth has been steady because of word of mouth, we plan to combine this with the right marketing and distribution strategies,” Dhar asserted.

Nirvana Being has been at the forefront of creating awareness about air pollution at a macro level.  “Some of our clients include UNICEF, almost every Embassy, American Express, PVR Cinemas, JW Marriott, Imperial Hotel, and many homes,” he added.

“We haven't raised funds yet; it’s all been bootstrapped. But we do plan to increase capital as we are planning to expand in other cities and countries of South Asia as well,” Dhar concluded.

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