ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Develops Nanotechnology Based Eye Gel Serum

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Develops Nanotechnology Based Eye Gel Serum

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with the UK based cosmetic research laboratory NuSkin London has developed nanotechnology based eye gel serum under the brand name Eyecirque. Its nanotechnology-based bio cellular formula contains carefully curated, safety tested, and scientifically validated plant-based natural ingredients.

This gel serum is soothing, cooling, non-sticky and non-irritant on the skin around the eyes. Based on an innovative plant-based bio cellular formula containing vitamin A+ C+ E complex, this unique gel gets easily absorbed into the skin around the eyes giving highly prominent results.

It has other features like anti-aging antioxidants, skin brightening agents and naturally occurring ultra-moisturizing ingredients. “The sensitive area underneath our eyes definitely needs some extra attention and care. Sleepless nights, stress and much more can lead to eye bags, dark circles and more, particularly highlighting that targeted area.

Therefore, our team has come up with Eyecirque under eye gel serum, which is the world’s first nanotechnology based under eye gel serum formulated with scientifically proven natural ingredients that are thoroughly tested for safety on the skin around the eyes.  Results can be seen as early as a couple of weeks within application.

However, one needs to use it for at least 6 weeks in order to start seeing significant improvements and continue to boost the skin around your eyes in the long run,” said Nikkhil K Masurkar, Executive Director, ENTOD Pharmaceuticals.

“Through nanotechnology, ingredients have undergone an advanced particle size reduction process to give particle sizes of less than 50 nanometres. Such extremely small potent nano-particles are absorbed almost 20 times better and faster into the skin providing deeper skin penetration.

This allows for greater spread across the target skin site and significantly improved bioavailability leading to quicker and more prominent results. Our researchers have designed this technology especially for the delicate skin around the eyes after thorough dermatological and ophthalmological testing,” said Anjula Masurkar, Clinical Director, ENTOD International Group.

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