Zeta Energy Wins The Coup De Coeur Scale-up Prize at The 2022 World Materials Forum

Zeta Energy Wins The Coup De Coeur Scale-up Prize at The 2022 World Materials Forum

Zeta Energy Corp. was awarded the Coup de Coeur Scale-Up prize at the 2022 World Materials Forum. This prize is awarded based on jury selection according to three criteria: 1) confirmed economic viability, 2) sizeable impact on using less materials smarter and longer, and 3) a demonstrated breakthrough – whether technical or organizational – in new materials or processes. Firms are only eligible for consideration if they have fewer than fifty employees.

Zeta won the award by demonstrating it could scale its manufacturing processes for its breakthrough battery technology based on a carbon nanotube anode and sulfurized carbon cathode. This combination of an innovative anode and cathode enables dramatic increases in energy density while avoiding the polysulfide shuttle effect that has, until now, held back lithium sulfur batteries. The Zeta batteries also do not use nickel, manganese or cobalt, significantly limiting both price volatility and political risk.

Zeta's CEO Charles Maslin said "Zeta Energy is thrilled to have received the World Material Forum Scale-up Challenge award. Professor Victoire de Margerie and the WMF represent the most accomplished and brightest companies in our industry and there is really no bigger honor than receiving this recognition and validation from such an esteemed group. Special thanks to Zeta's Chief Commercial Officer Michael Liedtke for attending the award ceremony." 

Michael Liedtke added, "It was a great honor to receive this award during the gala dinner at the World Material Forum in Nancy. One can hardly imagine a more appropriate setting for such an event. Being recognized by a group of industry experts for all the hard work the Zeta team did over the last couple of years means so much to all of us. The check we received that night already found a spot in our laboratory in Houston where it is permanently displayed for everyone to see and appreciate."  

Zeta Energy's battery technology is expected to enable breakthrough improvements in electric vehicles and grid energy storage, as well as many other applications. All of Zeta Energy's materials can be sourced close to its manufacturing locations, relieving it from dependence on international supply chain constraints.

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