HydroGraph Launches Patented Graphene Ink

HydroGraph Launches Patented Graphene Ink

HydroGraph Clean Power Inc., a commercial manufacturer of high-quality nanomaterials and alternative-energy fuels, has launched its patented graphene ink, an entirely new and novel form of “conductive ink” that maintains the valuable qualities of graphene including strength, non-toxicity, flexibility, and optical transparency. As the name suggests, conductive ink is a material that conducts energy with the utility of an ink. This development marks a significant step toward the production of inexpensive, foldable, and wearable electronics.

“This is a significant milestone in renewable technology production. From touch screen displays, biosensors, radio frequency identification tags, electric vehicle batteries, and more, the technology’s applications are vast,” said Stuart Jara, HydroGraph chief executive officer.

With growing possibilities for printed electronics every day, the need for conductive inks like graphene ink is on the rise. HydroGraph’s highly competitive cost and mass production method for high quality graphene opens up a wealth of opportunity for the practical applications of conductive ink patterns.

“Once the ink is made, it can then be deployed in regular inkjet printers to make small-scale, flexible electronics. This puts manufacturing capabilities into the reach of many, making it far more accessible,” said Dr. Chris Sorensen, HydroGraph vice president R&D.

HydroGraph’s unique graphene ink technology with enhanced performance characteristics and fewer production barriers is covered in the “Nano-inks of Carbon Nanomaterials for Printing and Coating” patent. Samples of HydroGraph’s fractal and reactive graphene are available for testing purposes upon request. 

HydroGraph is certified by the Graphene Council and is currently producing high purity graphene with no batch-to-batch variation.

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