Nova Graphene Awarded 2nd Defence Contract to Develop 3D-Printed Ballistic Armor

Nova Graphene Awarded 2nd Defence Contract to Develop 3D-Printed Ballistic Armor

Nova Graphene has been awarded a 20-month Phase II contract extension by the Department of National Defence (Canada) to continue their development of lightweight ballistic armor for personal protection using additive manufacturing.

Current ballistic protection systems – or “bullet-proof armor” – tend to be heavy, bulky, and limit mobility. They frequently contribute to overheating & discomfort and alter natural movement biomechanics, which may increase the risk of injury. In addition, current systems lack the modularity and scalability that will enable the adoption of less burdensome solutions and improve integrated survivability.

Nova Graphene Canada is leveraging its proprietary graphene-enhanced technology to provide the means to significantly improve these characteristics, with the aim of increasing survivability, performance, and unit effectiveness.

C.E.O. Paul Beasant is honored the company was chosen from an elite field to continue to spearhead this important R&D effort: “We look forward to expanding our work to commercialize 3D-printed ballistic plates to help safeguard the members of our military. Not only do we anticipate these plates being incredibly light, but are working to custom print them from 3D body scans of the soldiers, so items
such as chest plates and helmets will fit perfectly.

“As our production capabilities continue to expand, we also look forward to making our products available to our allies and to members of law enforcement, and eventually for custom applications such as motorcycle and sports helmets.”


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