Lexus Cars To Come with Nanoe™ X

Lexus Cars To Come with Nanoe™ X

Lexus has announced that their cars will come with nanoe™ X, a new technology created by Panasonic, that is designed to create a cleaner and healthier in-car environment.

The nanoe™ X technology has been designed to inhibit viruses, bacteria, and pollen and provide healthier environment in your vehicle.

When it comes to air quality, Lexus isn’t just concerned about the emissions produced by vehicles, it is taking care to ensure the atmosphere inside its cars is kept as pure as possible. To maintain a clean and healthy cabin environment and protect the wellbeing of everyone on board it is introducing nanoe X, the next generation nanoe technology. Created by Panasonic, this is invisible to the human eye, but is effective in suppressing potentially harmful and unpleasant particles.

The scientific principle is simple: water molecules containing microscopic hydroxyl radicals are discharged into the airflow. These can inhibit viruses, bacteria, pollen and other allergens and can act against the spread of mould. They can also counter bad odours and stop moisture evaporation, leading to hydrated skin and hair.


Breathe easy, feel great inside your Lexus with nanoe™ X

Breathe easy, feel great inside your Lexus with nanoe™ X


The new generation nanoe X technology was first introduced in the Lexus ES executive saloon in 2021. It is now also available on the new UX, the new generation RX and the all-new RZ as part of the Lexus Climate Concierge system. Other models will follow in 2023.

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