Hyundai Unveils Gesture-controlled Door Handle for Automotive Applications

Hyundai Unveils Gesture-controlled Door Handle for Automotive Applications

Automotive manufacturer Hyundai has showcased a new gesture-controlled door handle at its Open Innovation Lounge event in Seattle.

Developed in collaboration with gesture recognition and nanotechnology startup Somalytics, the SomaControl Door Handle prototype features a new type of capacitive sensor made of carbon nanotube-infused paper.

The component can reportedly ‘perceive’ human presence at up to 200 millimeters, and the companies said it could substantially improve customer experiences with products through more natural and intuitive human-machine interactions.

“Our team was honored to be invited to participate with Hyundai in the development of this exciting prototype for future gesture control door handles,” comments Somalytics CEO Barbara Barclay.

“The possibilities of our sensor technology are limitless for automotive as well as other industries and applications.”

From a technical standpoint, Somalytics sensors are more sensitive, smaller, require less power, and cost less to manufacture than some traditional sensor technologies. They can reportedly be embedded in a wide range of materials, ranging in size from 1 to 11 millimeters and are as thin as human hair.

“It’s incredibly exciting to see the potential for this amazing breakthrough technology come to life in these kinds of demonstrations, and we look forward to future collaboration opportunities with Hyundai,” Barclay concludes.

Somalytics first released its sensors earlier this year. The company is also currently working on eye tracking and wearable projects.

They come amidst a flurry of new biometric technologies being used for automotive applications throughout 2022.

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