PSF Announces Research Grant in Fields of Nanotechnology

PSF Announces Research Grant in Fields of Nanotechnology

Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has announced a research grant to support scientists and researchers in developing and commercialization of products in the fields of Nanotechnology, Material and Artificial Intelligence under the Competitive Research Programme.

Scientists, engineers, technologists, innovators, academia and entrepreneurs from Research and Development (R&D) institutions, HEC-recognized universities and industries who have already completed the first stage of research and development work and need financial support for the utilization of their research outcomes to develop new products, prototypes, pilot-scale production and commercialization can apply for the grant, an official of PSF informed.

Besides, the “lone” innovators/ start-ups or Small and Medium Enterprises have launched a new product, technology, technique or process and want to bring value addition or improvement alone or in partnership with scientists, technologists and academic R&D institutes and HEC-recognized universities are also encouraged to apply. The grants are available for a period of up to two years in the streams including individual researchers/lone innovators/start-ups (up to 10 million budget), consortium research groups (multidisciplinary research groups up to 20 million budget), and Triple Helix model (collaborative research projects between academia, R&D organizations, and industry up to 20 million budget).

This funding opportunity aims to promote the utilization of R&D outcomes in economic development through export push and import substitution while saving foreign exchange in Pakistan. Scientists, engineers, technologists, innovators, academia, lone innovators and entrepreneurs from R&D institutes, HEC-recognized universities and industry, start-ups or SMEs. The Principal Investigator should be from HEC recognized University or a public sector R&D organization/ private industry/start-up/SME that can be taken on board for pilot scale or commercial trials, production and marketing activities. About the nature of the projects, the official informed that the duration for the execution or completion of the project will be a maximum of up to 2 years with a maximum funding limit of up to Rs. 20.00 Million (Rs. 10 Million for Individual Researchers), the official said.

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