Newly-launched Graphene Engine Oil Receives Positive Feedback

Newly-launched Graphene Engine Oil Receives Positive Feedback

E2 Holdings, working with 2DM, recently launched an engine oil additive formulated with high purity graphene. The product, called NAMITEC, is said to improve fuel economy, restore power and performance, reduce noise and vibration, extend engine life and more.

The Company explains that graphene as a lubricating additive can reduce the coefficient of friction due to its capability to produce a nano-bearing protective layer for the moving parts of your engine. SG Graphene NAMITEC engine oil additive is suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines, as well as machinery and tools.

NAMITEC engine oil additive is developed from a proprietary formula and production process to maximize the performance of high purity graphene. NAMITEC is specifically formulated to be extremely low in dosage (10ml additive to 4L of engine oil) for maximum compatibility with different types of engine oil. NAMITEC can easily enter the friction interfaces of an engine due to its nanoparticle size and sheet structure characteristics.

A low shear resistance protective layer (tribofilm) is formed on the sliding surfaces to prevent the two friction surfaces from direct mechanical contact, thereby reducing wear and friction. Heat transfer performance is improved at the same time due to the ultra-thermal conductivity characteristics of high purity graphene.

According to E2 Holdings, the recently-launched product has already received positive feedback from customers. 

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