Logitech Launches New Graphene-enhanced Gaming Headset

Logitech Launches New Graphene-enhanced Gaming Headset

Logitech has launched a new G Pro X 2 Lightspeed gaming headset, that features graphene audio drivers.

Logitech is using a 50mm graphene diaphragm for the audio driver inside the G Pro X 2, designed to make sound more immersive alongside a 25g weight reduction compared to the original Pro X. 

“With our use of graphene, we can create a driver that is both incredibly rigid and, at the same time, almost impossibly lightweight,” says Chris Pate, principal product manager for the Logitech G Pro series of products. “This delivers high fidelity sound with extremely low distortion, giving pros the performance they need to play to their maximum potential.”

Logitech will start selling the G Pro X 2 gaming headset at the end of May, priced at $249 in the US and €269 across Europe. 

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