Graphite One Enters into Teaming Agreement with Vorbeck Materials

Graphite One Enters into Teaming Agreement with Vorbeck Materials

Graphite One, a mining company planning a complete domestic U.S. supply chain for advanced graphite materials, has announced that it has entered into a teaming agreement with Vorbeck Materials, a manufacturer involved in graphene production and advanced graphene applications.

Graphite One is planning to develop a complete U.S.-based, advanced graphite supply chain solution anchored by the Graphite Creek resource.

“We are excited to team with Vorbeck Materials, a recognized leader in advanced graphite and graphene applications,” said Anthony Huston, founder and CEO of Graphite One. “While the majority of Graphite One’s production will serve the Electric Vehicle battery and Energy Storage Systems markets, we understand that the versatility of graphite and graphene offers opportunities to develop entirely new markets in both the commercial and defense sectors. Those transformative applications are what we intend to pursue with Vorbeck.”

“Vorbeck Materials is excited to team with Graphite One to meet unique defense and commercial requirements with Graphite One’s high grade, US sourced graphite for advanced graphite and graphene applications said John Lettow, CEO and co-founder or Vorbeck Materials. “There are significant emergent requirements that will benefit from high grade US sourced graphite and a team of engineers and scientists with deep experience in both industrial and technical formulations that leverage the unique mechanical and electrical properties of high quality graphite and graphene. Teaming with Graphite One will provide best in class capability and performance for the most demanding customers.”

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