EPS to Apply GIT’s Graphene-based Propeller Coating Across Its Fleet

EPS to Apply GIT’s Graphene-based Propeller Coating Across Its Fleet

Singapore-based ship management company Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) revealed that it has teamed up with Canada-based coatings company Graphite Innovation & Technologies (GIT) to implement the latter’s graphene-based, biocide-free propeller coating across its fleet.

EPS plans to boost the performance of its vessels by applying GIT’s eco-friendly, highly durable, and ultra-low friction foul release coating, the aim being to improve and maintain CII rating over the drydocking cycle.

The two companies started working together a year ago. EPS applied XGIT-PROP on the propeller of an LPG tanker, QUEBEC. Since application, the vessel has seen improved vessel performance, and has maintained its CII rating. Because of that, EPS decided to expand the adoption of the technology and plans to apply the coating on 15 vessels drydocking in 2023 and 2024.


EPS to apply GIT’s graphene-based propeller coating across its fleet


XGIT-PROP is a graphene-based propeller coating that improves propulsion efficiency while keeping propeller surface smooth and free from biofouling. Applying this coating ensures no harmful toxins and biocides are released into the ocean.

“The shipping industry needs companies like GIT that are leading the way in sustainable coating solutions. We see GIT’s propeller coatings as part of our portfolio of solutions to achieve long-term fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. We are pushing to make a positive impact on our oceans, and see GIT and their coatings as a key way to do that. This is another sustainable step forward for our company,” Pavlos Karagiannidis, Fleet Optimisation Manager at EPS, said.

GIT’s XGIT-PROP is a 3-layer graphene-based coating technology that is specifically designed to withstand harsh operational conditions. It had a powerful ability to release biofouling while maintaining smooth surface and reducing the need for propeller ‘polishings’. It also maintains the propulsive efficiency of the propeller and reduces damage due to cavitation, thereby lowering noise emissions.

“EPS is a valued partner, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with them over the last year. We are excited they chose to apply XGIT-PROP across selected vessels. This coating is one of the simplest ways to improve and maintain CII while achieving sustainability goals,” Mo AlGermozi, Co-founder and CEO at GIT said.

The latest deal comes on the heels of Stolt Tankers’ two-year deal with GIT. Under the deal Stol Tankers will apply GIT’s XGIT-PROP graphene-based marine coating to the propellers of 25 ships during 2023.

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