Graphene Nanotube Dispersion for Latex Gloves Meeting ESD Standards to be Produced in Sri Lanka

Graphene Nanotube Dispersion for Latex Gloves Meeting ESD Standards to be Produced in Sri Lanka

The collaboration between Hayleys Aventura, a premier industrial solutions provider and subsidiary of the leading diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka Hayleys PLC, and OCSiAl, a leader in graphene nanotube technology and production, has resulted in the launch of local manufacturing of the TUBALL LATEX graphene nanotube dispersion.

The production line has been installed at Hayleys Aventura’s facility in Kaluthara, Sri Lanka, leveraging OCSiAl’s know-how. This new production capacity is intended to meet the demand in the South Asia and European regions.

According to Jayanga Ileperuma, General Manager of Hayleys Aventura, “Advances in the automotive, electronics, and ATEX markets require personal protective equipment, and gloves in particular, to increase process efficiency using touch screen-compatible gloves, protect from static electricity damage, and promote new ESD-safety requirements for personal protective equipment. Graphene nanotubes revolutionize the ESD glove sector, allow gloves to dissipate static charges in full compliance with the latest ESD standards. The newly launched manufacturing of TUBALL LATEX dispersions empowers leading industrial glove manufacturers, enabling them to enhance the performance of their products and gain a competitive edge in the market.”

Ravi Mohan Dabral, Director of Business Development EMEA, stated, “As a trusted distributor of OCSiAl’s graphene nanotube products for rubber, latex, and other polymer applications in Sri Lanka since 2017, Hayleys Aventura has decided to open local manufacturing to meet the growing market demand. We are excited to expand our collaboration and grant a license to manufacture and market nanotube dispersions in the South Asia region, demonstrating the confidence and trust between the two companies.”

TUBALL LATEX, a water-based solution containing well-dispersed graphene nanotubes, is applied to produce latex industrial gloves that are in high demand in industries that require ESD protection, such as the automotive, electronics, construction, pharmaceutical, mining, gas, and chemical industries. In contrast to ammonium salts, which easily evaporate, graphene nanotubes provide permanent and humidity-independent electrical resistance without drawbacks in dipping technology or glove performance and fully compliant with the latest ESD standards, including the new European standard EN 16350:2014 and ATEX regulations.

Remarkably, extremely low working dosages of OCSiAl’s nanotubes, starting from just 0.06%, are sufficient to achieve electrical resistance below 1*10^8 ohms. The exceptional properties of graphene nanotubes, including high strength, electrical conductivity, and flexibility, enable manufacturers to achieve the required level of electrical conductivity without affecting coloration and with no changes to the standard processing.

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