NanoXplore and VoltaXplore Announce an Agreement for Supply of Battery Cells to a "Well-known Commercial Vehicle OEM"

NanoXplore and VoltaXplore Announce an Agreement for Supply of Battery Cells to a

NanoXplore and its wholly owned subsidiary, VoltaXplore, a silicon-graphene-enhanced Li-ion battery manufacturer for the Electric Vehicle and grid storage markets, have announced that VoltaXplore has agreed on commercial terms for the supply of Li-ion battery cells with a well-known commercial vehicle OEM.

Commenting on this new business relationship, Benoît Gascon, director of VoltaXplore, said: “We are delighted to start this new relationship which will use 100% of current production capacity during the factory ramp up in the first few years of the agreement and 50% at full capacity of the gigafactory. It is only the beginning of a great journey for VoltaXplore.”

Moreover, the Corporation announced the appointment of Nicolas Veilleux as the new Director of Automation and Construction of VoltaXplore. NanoXplore also welcomed Maciej Polewczyk as its Director, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing. The addition of Nicolas and Maciej represents NanoXplore’s and VoltaXplore's commitment to assembling a dynamic and diverse team of industry experts. 

“VoltaXplore is progressing very well. As we are getting closer to the completion of our financing process, our recent supply deal and nomination of Nicolas are further de-risking our upcoming gigafactory project execution. Nicolas’ nomination as Director of Automation and Construction is a testament to his exceptional and decade-long contributions to the electrification space, particularly after his tenure at Tesla where he managed the first production of 4680 large format Li-ion battery cells,” said Soroush Nazarpour, CEO of NanoXplore.

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