Cellulose Nanofibres Employed in Yamaha Watercraft

Cellulose Nanofibres Employed in Yamaha Watercraft

The first mass produced composite parts based on plant-derived cellulose nanofibre (CNF) reinforced resins are being employed in 2024 models of WaveRunner personal watercraft and sports boats by Japan’s Yamaha Motor.

The high strength CNF parts for the power unit engine cover of the water-jet propulsion devices, which are already on sale in North America, were developed in collaboration with Nippon Paper Industries and designed for use in the harsh environment of seawater and at high heat.

The CNF achieves strength and other material properties equal to or greater than existing materials and in addition to being over 25% lighter than existing resin materials, it also has excellent material recyclability properties and can be used repeatedly.

Yamaha Motor is planning to expand the use of various cellulose fibres in other marine products and also in motorcycles.


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