LifeSpan Vision Ventures Invests in NaNotics

LifeSpan Vision Ventures Invests in NaNotics

LifeSpan Vision Ventures, an investment firm dedicated to longevity biotech, announced an investment in NaNotics LLC. This preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company is developing NaNots™, novel subtractive nanoparticles that treat disease by capturing and clearing pathogenic molecules from blood.

NaNots™ differ from traditional drug therapies in their ability to deplete soluble targets without interacting with the membrane forms of the same target, a feat that is typically beyond the reach of conventional drugs.

The company is advancing a pipeline of NaNots targeting oncology and inflammatory markers associated with multiple diseases that present substantial unmet medical needs. Additionally, they have announced research collaborations with Mass General Cancer Clinic, situated within Mass General Hospital, and Mayo Clinic to further enhance their therapies for specific oncology targets.

Harry Robb, Analyst at LifeSpan Vision Ventures commented: "With our first investment in the nanomedicine field, we are partnering with NaNotics, a California-based biopharmaceutical company with a vision of depleting soluble targets from blood to treat a range of diseases – and potentially aging as well. The company is backed by a dedicated and highly experienced team that is committed to leading a shift in medicine from a cell-based focus to a signal-based focus. This represents an exciting opportunity to expand treatment options and we see a great potential in their transformative therapies to have a meaningful impact on patient outcomes."

Lou Hawthorne, CEO of NaNotics and the inventor of NaNots, commented, "Lifespan Vision Ventures is an ideal investor for us, for reasons that go beyond capital. They understand that aging is potentially driven by soluble factors that also drive or enable FDA-recognized diseases, and that NaNots can therefore address both. This provides a viable FDA approval path for a therapeutic platform to address aging – which the FDA does not recognize as a disease. We look forward to collaborating with Lifespan Vision Ventures to develop and market therapeutics for treating disease and extending healthspan for all people."


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