Moleaer Launches Trinity Nanobubble Generator

Moleaer Launches Trinity Nanobubble Generator

New technology represents a ”game-changer” for growers looking to improve sustainability and productivity in their operations, the group says.

Moleaer has announced that it will debut its new Trinity Nanobubble Generator at GreenTech Americas this week.

According to the nanobubble specialist, the technology supported sustainable agriculture practices, improved water quality, soil structure, and enhanced plant health and productivity while reducing inputs.

”The Trinity Nanobubble Generator harnesses the power of nanobubbles, measuring less than 100 nanometers in diameter, to deliver unparalleled oxygenation and many additional benefits to the irrigation water, soil structure and plant’s health,” Moleaer stated.

”Developed through rigorous research and engineering, Trinity offers a scalable and efficient solution for growers seeking to optimise their operations while minimising environmental impact.”

Key features included enhanced oxygen transfer, nutrient uptake, water quality improvement and improved crop yields, the group explained.

Moleaer said it had been helping growers all over the world improve water quality and achieve better fruit quality and higher yields while reducing inputs and chemical use.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Trinity Nanobubble Generator to the agricultural community,” said Niels Schillinger, business development manager at Moleaer in Mexico.

“With its advanced technology and proven benefits, Trinity represents a game-changer for growers looking to improve sustainability and productivity in their operations.”


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