New Drug Model for Ovarian Cancer Treatment Developed in Türkiye

New Drug Model for Ovarian Cancer Treatment Developed in Türkiye

An Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center team, led by Prof. Dr. Hulya Ayar Kayali, has developed an innovative ovarian cancer treatment with minimal side effects

A research team at the Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center has developed a new drug model for the treatment of ovarian cancer that spares healthy cells. This breakthrough has led to a patent for their innovative approach.

Led by Prof. Dr. Hulya Ayar Kayali, the Biopharmaceutical Technologies and Bioanalysis Research Group includes about 20 researchers.

They focus on treating ovarian cancer, a common condition among women. The project, which started in 2017 with support from TUBITAK, aims to develop biotechnological drugs and train scientists in this field.

Prof. Dr. Kayali explained, "We are creating drugs that recognize and destroy cancer cells. The main advantage is the minimal side effects."

The innovative aspect of their research lies in the use of a polymeric nanoparticle that carries chemotherapeutic agents. This nanoparticle also targets biotechnological drugs.

The system stops the blood vessel formation, known as angiogenesis, which tumors need for oxygen and nutrients. Prof. Dr. Kayali emphasized, "This model not only identifies cancer cells but also rapidly destroys them."

Despite the patent, the team needs to complete further testing before they can use the drug model as a treatment. Prof. Dr. Kayali stated, "We have completed the R&D phase and confirmed its effectiveness against cancer cells without harming healthy cells. We will proceed to preclinical animal trials next, followed by human trials."

Developing a new drug and introducing it to the market typically takes around 15 years. The researchers are now preparing for the next stages of testing to bring this promising treatment closer to reality.


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