Nanoparticles in Skincare Technology to Improve Health and Appearance of Skin

Nanoparticles in Skincare Technology to Improve Health and Appearance of Skin

A new cosmetic nano-product has been marketed under the name NanoActive HATM in which nanoparticles containing hyaluronic acid and amino acid have been used. This product, which is developed by MD Complete company improves the appearance of skin plumpness, firmness, and lift.

MD Complete announces the development of NanoActive HATM, a new cutting-edge skincare technology, developed to provide injectable filler-like benefits to improve the appearance of skin plumpness, firmness and lift. This innovative nanoparticle was achieved by modifying a microscopic hyaluronic acid molecule and complexing it with an amino acid, vitamin polysaccharide mix to eliminate the technical barriers that have long limited the benefits of traditional hyaluronic acid in topically applied skincare.

"This new HA complex is a game changer for the use of hyaluronic acid in skincare," said MD Complete Founder, Dr. Brian Zelickson. "We developed NanoActive HATM to exploit the benefits of hyaluronic acid in ways that were historically only achieved in injectable fillers and wound healing technologies. We expected the modifications to this nanoparticle hyaluronic acid would improve absorption and mobility for plumping, firming and smoothing of fine lines. What we didn't expect was how effective the technology is at improving skin tone and restoring a more rested, healthy appearance. This is particularly noticeable in patients that experience stress or don't get enough sleep."

MD Complete is launching NanoActive HATM across a collection of new products and upgrades, to improve plumping and firming results and provide clients a more effective way to address the effects of stress and fatigue on the appearance of their skin.

1- Quench & Restore Advanced 2-in-1 Sleep Mask NanoActive HATM combined with Copper Peptides and Beta Glucan provides immediate relief to stressed and tired skin while improving skincare plumping and firming result with continued use. Available for $34.99, June 2019.
2- Radiant & Refining Hyaluronic Acid + AHA/BHA Mask, developed as an alternative to more aggressive peels and microdermabrasion, refines skin tone & texture and re-energizes skin for an overall healthy appearance. Available for $34.99, September 2019.
3- Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy Plus+ is an upgrade to its best-selling multitasking retinoid product, combining NanoActive HATM with an upgraded Vitamin C + E complex for improvements in the appearance of fine lines, skin tone, skin texture, and radiance. Available for $39.99, October 2019.
4- Total Eye Treatment helps firm, plump and improve the appearance of crepiness, fine lines and dark circles with a complex combination NanoActive HATM and naturally derived nutrients and dermatologist-grade actives. Available for $39.99, October 2019.

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