Eligo Bioscience: A Pioneer Startup in Nanobiotechnology

Eligo Bioscience: A Pioneer Startup in Nanobiotechnology

StartupCity Magazine has introduced Eligo Bioscience as one of the promising startups in 2019. This startup is working on developing medicine to address a variety of unmet medical needs using nanotechnology and biotechnology.

Eligo Bioscience is one of the nano-based startups working on integrating nanotechnology and biotechnology. This French startup has been introduced by StartupCity Magazine as one of the high-potential startups in Europe in 2019.

This newly founded startup company is working on developing medicine for the treatment of bacterial diseases and is launching a programmable biotherapeutic platform to achieve this goal. This platform can produce the medicine according to the type of bacteria. In fact, this platform produces pharmaceutical nanorobots that can kill bacteria.

Seventure and Khosla's companies have so far invested in this startup company. Eligo Bioscience was founded in 2014 on the basis of the research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Rockefeller University, the results of which were later published in Nature Biotechnology.

Eligo started working at the Institute Pasteur in Paris since 2014 and has moved into the biotech cluster Paris Biotech Santé in 2017. It has received a variety of funding supports from various institutions and foundations. See here for more information.