Brazil Bus Body Maker Comes Up with Anti-COVID-19 Solutions

Brazil Bus Body Maker Comes Up with Anti-COVID-19 Solutions

Brazilian company Marcopolo has implemented multiple biosafety solutions to prevent infection by the novel coronavirus – from biocides to seats spaced further apart.

The Brazilian bus body maker Marcopolo has come up with multiple biosafety solutions to keep passengers from getting the new coronavirus. Its Marcopolo BioSafe platform employs different technologies to ensure passengers are far enough apart and safe. One of them is a three-seat, two-aisle configuration, instead of the usual two shared seats on each side and one aisle.

The new layout keeps passengers farther away from one another. There are also antimicrobial curtains, seat covers and handrails, Marcopolo told ANBA.

In a bid to promote safe mobility, the company has also developed ultraviolet bathroom disinfection and air conditioning for air disinfection. The Marcopolo BioSafe concept applies to three Marcopolo brands – Marcopolo, Volare, and Neobus. Marcopolo shipped BioSafe buses for interstate transportation to Argentina last June and to Chile, in July. Last year saw the company export over 1,000 units.

Another technology from Marcopolo’s innovation-oriented division Marcopolo Next, for which it’s partners with Aurratech, is FIP Onboard. This patented biocidal solution involves nanoparticle-based disinfection of surfaces and environments.

The non-toxic product can be applied in passenger areas, the driver cabin and baggage compartments. Application takes up to 20 minutes, leaves no moisture behind, and remains active for as long as three days.

A new division system is also available to protect drivers and fare collectors in urban transportation. This is under testing with Visate, an operator in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul.

Disinfection also available for hotels

Marcopolo Next has secured its first contract to supply its disinfection system to hotels in Brazil. Dubbed FIP Spaces, the hotel solution relies on the same nanotech system as the bus-oriented FIP Onboard, and it works to eradicate viruses – including coronavirus.

The first establishment to rely on FIP Spaces is Etnia Casa Hotel in Trancoso, Bahia. The hotel’s owner André Zanonato will work to distribute the technology to other hotels.


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