Nanosys and Shoei Chemical Announce Quantum Dot Supply Agreement

Nanosys and Shoei Chemical Announce Quantum Dot Supply Agreement

Nanosys and Shoei Chemical announced that the companies have entered into a Quantum Dot materials supply and service agreement. Under the agreement, Shoei Chemical will manufacture Nanosys’ proprietary Quantum Dot materials exclusively for Nanosys.

Shoei Chemical is now the sole manufacturing partner for capacity expansion of Quantum Dots and heavy metal free Quantum Dots. The symbiotic relationship enables Nanosys to more than double production volumes in the near term, and lower costs by producing closer to its customers in Asia. This new partnership ensures uninterrupted supply of Quantum Dot materials, due to geographic separation of manufacturing locations, which has become a requirement for end customers who increasingly rely on this technology for their products. In 2020 there will be more than 120 unique display products in mass production using quantum dot materials.

“Shoei Chemical is a world-leading supplier of nanoscale electronic materials for the electronics market. We’ve worked closely to produce our proprietary Quantum Dot materials to the highest of manufacturing and quality control standards,” said Jason Hartlove, CEO and President of Nanosys. “Over 95% of our business is generated from our customers supply chains which are outside the U.S. We look forward to working together with Shoei to meet the high- volume needs of the growing Quantum Dot display industry with the lowest cost, highest- performance Quantum Dot materials.”

Nanosys, the leading supplier of Quantum Dot materials to the rapidly growing Quantum Dot display market, will continue to mass produce Quantum Dots at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. According to DSCC’s Annual Quantum Dot Display Technology & Market Outlook report, Quantum Dot display panel shipments are expected to grow from 10.6 million units in 2020 to 28 million units by 2024, a 27.5% compound annual growth rate.

"Shoei Chemical is committed to producing Nanosys’ innovative, high-performance Quantum Dot materials to meet growing demand in the display market," said Shuichiro Asada, CEO and President at Shoei Chemical. "Shoei has invested in the capabilities of our people and facilities, and we are very well positioned to meet the future needs of this exciting and evolving industry.

We look forward to delivering these innovative products while maintaining our cost- effectiveness and high-quality manufacturing standards."


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