LG Introduces Nanotech TVs in Kenya

LG Introduces Nanotech TVs in Kenya

LG televisions are known to give the best clarity. They have come up with the latest TVs called the NanoCell that gives you clarity up to 8K. It introduces the new standard of pure colours with Nano colours, Nanotech and Nano Connection. This TV automatically detects content type. The NanoCell purifies colour to deliver real and natural colours

Nano Colour lets you experience pure colours that deliver real and accurate picture quality with outstanding contrast on a TV that meets 8K international standards.

NanoTech automatically optimises picture and sound to fit customers viewing needs and delivering most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) smart functions. Nano Connection has unlimited entertainment with the finest detail in connection from mobile phone casting to home Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

As it delivers the best viewing experience, the TV learns from you since it has a set of rules it follows to try to improve users picture and sound settings as well as the environment.

It also learns from you as it has the ability to understand customer-viewing experience as well as learn the environment to intuitively display best picture and sound settings.

It gives you more convenience through your natural voice commands through the voice command button on the remote and it works with all smart appliances. If you are one who is glued to the TV most of the time then you will enjoy unlimited connections such as Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube.

The NanoCell purifies colour to deliver real and natural colours. One-nanometre particles act as colour particles, which are placed on the LCD cell to refine impure colours to vivid and accurate colours.

It delivers a more vivid view of dark scenes. The full array dimming technology delivers intense details and excellent contrast for more vivid scenes across all your favourite content thus giving you a more clear view of details in dark scenes.

It meets the international 8K standards, where the 8K offers 33 million pixels. The number of pixels is important in 8K but making each appear separate and distinct to the eyes is more important and that is what this NanoCell 8K represents.

This TV automatically detects the content type. With the deep learning and learning from the customer, it can automatically detect the content genre and know how to display it giving the best quality picture and sound.

Aside from that, it also detects the environment type with its Artificial Intelligence processor understanding the space and grasping the user’s location to deliver an optimized picture balancing sound for every environment.

With its AI ThinQ Technology, that is one click or a simple voice command away controls the TV, apps and the content can be searched in real-time.

You will be able to catch your favourite movie from your phone to the TV since the NanoCell is capable of streaming, sharing, casting and mirroring both images and videos from all iOS and Android phones regardless of the platform.

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