Dynamic Wax Upends Toxic Ski Wax Industry with Base-penetrating Nanotechnology

Dynamic Wax Upends Toxic Ski Wax Industry with Base-penetrating Nanotechnology

First-of-its-kind Dynamic Wax, a revolutionary non-toxic glide wax that uses base-penetrating nanotechnology, announced its launch today. Maintaining patent protection, Dynamic Wax's spray-on solution penetrates and bonds inside of ski and snowboard base materials by using nanoparticles that are 800 times thinner than the human hair. The product's nanotechnology creates an advanced hydrophobic layer that repels water at the nanoparticle level, resulting in the fastest, easiest to apply wax ever made, all while remaining safe for users and the environment, when used as directed.

Led by Kevin Greco, a technology futurist and former SpaceX'er, Dynamic Wax ushers in the snowsport industry's first-ever patented, fluoro-free, PFOA-free and VOC-free nanotech spray wax. A revolutionary non-toxic product, Dynamic Wax is the answer to the International Ski Federation's ban on toxic, fluorinated wax.

"It's time for a change," explains Kevin Greco. "Skiers and snowboarders should not have to choose between safety and performance. We all deserve a high performance wax that doesn't pose a serious threat to the environment and the user, but does tackle the issue of speed, convenience, and sustainability head-on. Dynamic Wax is here to do that."

Dynamic Wax works in all temperatures and on all snow types, including wet and slushy snow. There's no heat necessary to apply, no curing process, and no clean-up. Dynamic Wax's spray-on solution cuts the application process from approximately 30 minutes or more, down to 30 seconds. Riders spray the wax on their skis or snowboards and then hit the slopes.

The Solution

Dynamic Wax aims to change the snow industry's affinity for using toxic wax products. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic and international sales for toxic waxes continued despite documented health concerns of environmental contamination from toxins found in many traditional ski waxes (ScienceDirect, August 2020). Recently organizations have started to take action to ban toxic waxes. Dynamic Wax solves the issue of toxic wax. Its formula, when used as directed, is safe for the user and better for the environment than waxes that shed toxic ingredients into the snow.  Dynamic Wax creates a better experience for people both on and off the slopes, while still performing at a high caliber.

Dynamic Wax is also the industry's first technologically advanced spray-on solution, cutting the application process from approximately 30 minutes or more -- for traditional wax -- down to 30 seconds. This is in stark contrast to traditional waxes, which require substantial preparation and a variety of tools, such as tables, vises, irons, scrapers, brushes, cleaners and more. The heat-based application process for applying wax is also suspected to expel toxic fumes in the air. Melted-on waxes sit on top of the ski base, rather than penetrating it so the wax begins to wear off the minute the user starts skiing, depositing (ingredients dependent) toxic particulates into the snow and inevitably the natural spring water, depending on the location and time of year. Dynamic Wax eliminates these concerns.

Finally, while the EU and the FIS have moved to ban fluorine-based waxes, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been slower to adapt. While the quiet use of these ingredients remains as a result of that slow action, Dynamic Wax and team are working to shed light on the topic and to educate consumers, many of whom are unaware of the health and environmental risks posed by many traditional ski waxes.

Giving Back

Dynamic Wax is unwavering in its mission to create next generation products that are safer for people and the planet. Their mission doesn't stop there. Dynamic Wax is dedicated to giving back to the environment and to those in need. For every order, Dynamic Wax will plant a high carbon absorbing tree through its partnership with Eco Drive. Their mission is to offset carbon emission pollution, and to take action against climate change with support from communities in need.

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