Vittoria’s Graphene-infused Peyote and Mezcal Tyres Are Now Wider, Faster and Lighter

Vittoria’s Graphene-infused Peyote and Mezcal Tyres Are Now Wider, Faster and Lighter

Vittoria has released updates to its Mezcal and Peyote cross-country tyres, with lighter weights and increased 2.4in widths now available. New tyres promise greater grip and durability thanks to Race Formulation compound.

The new mountain bike tyres will also be available in the brand's new Race Formulation, which uses a 60 TPI casing and a graphene and silica compound for increased wet-weather grip and suppleness.

The tyres feature black or brown sidewalls. The 29x2.4in black-sidewall tyres weigh a claimed 740g and the brown-wall tyres weigh 10g less.

Vittoria says its professional racers have been using the new tyres for the past two seasons, picking up a UCI World Championship XC title along the way. It is now offering the tyres to the public for £64.99.

Vittoria says it has given the Peyote a new tread pattern, designed for hardpack and fine loose terrain, sitting in between its Terreno and Mezcal tyres.

A low-profile alternating centre ribbon on the tyre is said to deliver more speed and grip compared to the previous model.

Vittoria claims the new Peyote is 4 per cent faster than the closest Brand-A competitor, based on telemetry results from testing it conducted when developing the tyre.

The brand says the V-formation of the mid-tread digs through loose terrain and has plenty of space to evacuate debris.

The V-formation tapers towards the side-tread, which is said to give the tyre a responsive and predictable feel.

Vittoria says the Race Formulation gives the tyre a 6 per cent improvement in rolling performance compared to the previous model, as well as an 11 per cent increase in grip.

This translates to an average speed increase of around 0.75kph in XC racing, according to Vittoria. To complement the new Peyote, Vittoria now offers a wider 2.4in Mezcal tyre.

With XC courses becoming more demanding, we’ve seen riders using increasingly wide tyres to fend off punctures and absorb the rougher terrain – some up to 2.5in.

While the Mezcal appears to be visibly the same, it too is now available with Vittoria’s Race Formulation. This is said to give the Mezcal a 3 per cent improvement in rolling performance, while providing increased durability and deformation thanks to the 60 TPI casing.


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