Baz Brandings, Trades LLP Partner with Polyamyna Nanotech Inc for Antimicrobial Products in India

Baz Brandings, Trades LLP Partner with Polyamyna Nanotech Inc for Antimicrobial Products in India

Intending to increase the level of hygiene and cleanliness, Baz Brandings and Trades LLP has partnered with Polyamyna Nanotech Incorporation (PNI), a Canadian-based Scientific Biotech company that ventures to develop next-generation antimicrobial technologies to prevent infections caused by deadly pathogens.

Polyamyna Nanotech Inc (PNI) has now come up with a new fully-researched and science-based product that fortifies a complete surface layer protection (99.997 per cent) counteracting all kinds of infectious pathogens.

The products can be applied to all surfaces and high touch points which can act as a coating and procure an additional protection layer when applied at both indoor and outdoor setups of any surface.

This advanced antimicrobial technology will work against a variety of disease-causing microbes such as drug-resistant bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Its benefits also include that it can help tackle the coronavirus including SARS-CoV-2 as well, which would be a great help according to the current difficult times.

These materials once applied on surfaces, not only kill the pathogens immediately but will protect the surfaces from them for up to 6 months at least.

Talking about the confederation Polyamyna Nanotech Inc., Director at Baz Brandings and Trades LLP says, "I am quite confident and reassured that this product can support the businesses and add value to our existing customers to combat the current Global Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic through PNI antimicrobial products Co-founded by its 2 renowned Canadian scientists (Dr Ramesh Kumar Mani, CEO & Dr Kishan Gorityala, CTO). We are looking forward to a healthy partnership here, which hopefully will turn healthy for our people as well."

Products and technologies introduced by Polyamyna Nanotech Inc:

1. KEEP KLEAR™: A continuously active antimicrobial clear coating/film, which will stay on surfaces for up to 6 months or 1000 cleaning cycles. It promises a 99.99 per cent viral and bacterial reduction within ten minutes of contact.

2. MicroDome™: A more typical disinfectant with a prolonged residual activity that stays active on the surfaces for up to 7 days or 50 cleaning cycles. It is intended for use as an antimicrobial cleaning agent in domestic and commercial spaces like industrial, medical, food processing, and animal housing, and on commercial equipment.

Making use of effective technologies, the team at Polyamyna Nanotech Incorporation yields deep and sustainable antimicrobial technologies. They especially target ESKAPE bacteria, molds, and viruses eventually striving to address the global pandemic and antimicrobial resistance.


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