Wear Graphene Announces Product Launch of Graphene G-Tech T-Shirt

Wear Graphene Announces Product Launch of Graphene G-Tech T-Shirt

Activewear apparel brand Wear Graphene announced the launch of new product in its line of graphene-infused activewear, the Graphene G-Tech T-shirt.

Wear Graphene is pleased to announce the expansion of its line of graphene clothing. The newest offering in its line, the Graphene G-Tech T-shirt, will join the existing GAMMA Jacket on their online store at www.weargraphene.com. GAMMA is a graphene-infused heated jacket that made waves on Kickstarter earlier this year, raising nearly $2.5M USD during its 60-day campaign, one of the most successful apparel projects in crowdfunding history. Wear Graphene promised that GAMMA would be the first of many innovations of graphene-infused apparel developed for consumers around the globe under their brand, and they have are beginning to fulfill that promise.

“We’ve been hard at work this year fulfilling GAMMA orders and expanding our manufacturing capabilities,” said Michelle Lam, Wear Graphene’s Publicist. “In 2022, we plan to launch a host of new graphene apparel items with the aim of making innovative and affordable graphene apparel mainstream. The first of those is the Graphene G-Tech T-shirt.”

The Graphene G-Tech T-shirt is an activewear tee designed for training and jogging, though it’s ideal for anyone who wants to remain dry, comfortable, and odor-free during daily activities. The shirt is made of nylon and spandex and reinforced with supreme graphene. Graphene is the strongest, most flexible, and lightest known material. It lends these properties to the G-Tech shirt, rendering it incredibly durable and flexible.

Graphene brings many benefits to the G-Tech T-shirt besides comfort and durability. Graphene is also antibacterial, anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. Above all, it is naturally thermoregulating, which makes the G-Tech T-shirt especially appealing as activewear. The shirt’s graphene-infused nylon diffuses and expels heat with a high degree of efficiency, keeping wearers cool and dry even during high-intensity activity.

Graphene clothing is gaining popularity with consumers not only for its advanced properties but also for its practicality. It is resistant to most damage and lasts much longer than other clothing. It can also be washed less frequently thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-odor protection. This saves consumers money and prevents excess waste from textile production, and industry notorious its high carbon emissions, clean water consumption, and chemical pollutants.

“We strongly believe that graphene is the future of clothing,” continued Michelle. “Wear Graphene aims to make graphene apparel accessible for all consumers with our G-Tech T-shirt which is comparably priced with other mass market activewear shirts. We expect to roll out additional basics such as socks, hoodies, etc. in the G-Tech series in the near future.”

The Graphene G-Tech T-shirt is on sale now alongside the Gamma Jacket at Wear Graphene..


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