PPK to Review Its Bullet-stopping Tech but Batteries Go On

PPK to Review Its Bullet-stopping Tech but Batteries Go On

Commercialisation company PPK has admitted to a few failures during the year in its efforts to employ cutting edge technology to industries as diverse as ballistics and the medical world.

The company said two projects would be part of a strategic review: blending its boron nitrade nanotube technology into bullet resistant glass and blending it into ceramic and polymer materials for body armour.

Its plans to infuse BNNT into dentures has also been stopped to consider alternatives. Its investment in Survivon face masks “has not progressed as we would have liked with the approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of the new masks taking longer than expected”.

That combined with the scrapping of mask mandates hit PPK financially.

But its lithium sulphur battery project, through subsidiary LiS Energy, goes on and its White Graphene business and the Precious Metals technology would be the next two commercialisation projects that would return value to shareholders.

It said its artificial intelligence company Advanced Mobility Analytics Group had a healthy pipeline to convert and “significant opportunities for future growth” existed for its body armour company Craig International Ballistics.

“We will continue to assess our portfolio composition and importantly, be prepared to make decisions to pause or shut down where the facts support the decision,” the company said.

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