Lipid Research: Creative Biolabs Launches Its Lipid-based Delivery Solutions

Lipid Research: Creative Biolabs Launches Its Lipid-based Delivery Solutions

Creative Biolabs, a leading biotechnology company, unveiled its latest solutions for developing lipid-based delivery systems last week.

"Liposomes as excellent drug delivery vehicles continuously drive innovation in drug delivery development and open up new breakthroughs and possibilities. Building on this momentum, we have designed a suite of solutions for lipid-based delivery system development," said an expert from the Lipid Research Department, Creative Biolabs.

Liposomes, spherical vesicles comprising cholesterol, non-toxic surfactants, phospholipids, glycolipids, long-chain fatty acids, and even membrane proteins, exhibit outstanding biocompatibility and drug encapsulation capabilities. Creative Biolabs has integrated the attributes of liposomes with advanced imaging technologies to design solutions such as liposomes for medical imaging and diagnostics.

"Liposomes have the ability to carry various probes, like hydrophobic or hydrophilic molecules and nanoparticles," added the expert. "Surface modification of liposomes, with a diameter of approximately 100 nm, can significantly increase the circulation time of loaded probes and achieve tissue aggregation through passive and active targeting."

Creative Biolabs' lipid-based imaging technologies mainly involve CT, MRI, USI, and PET probes, enabling researchers to achieve unprecedented accuracy and precision in diagnostic imaging processes.

Moreover, Creative Biolabs is committed to its biomimetic drug delivery system development, replicating intricate biological structures and processes through the synergistic effects of nanoparticles and natural biomaterials.

"This innovative approach combines the multifunctionality of nanoparticles with the safety and functionality of natural biomaterials, bringing new possibilities in drug delivery," emphasized the expert.

To cater to researchers' diverse needs for different functionalities and drug properties, Creative Biolabs offers customized biomimetic drug delivery systems (DDS):

– Cell membrane-based DDS: Encapsulating nanoparticles within cell membranes to produce biomimetic DDS that mimics cell membrane functions.
– Protein-based DDS: Facilitating penetration of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) via receptor-mediated transcytosis.
– Peptide-based DDS: Enhancing BBB permeability through receptor-mediated active targeting.

By modifying and functionalizing liposomes, Creative Biolabs enhances drug targeting, stability, and bioavailability, resulting in more effective drug delivery. These innovative drug delivery systems find applications not only in conventional drug delivery but also in imaging-guided drug delivery and disease diagnosis.

As a seasoned lipid development service provider, Creative Biolabs offers a diverse array of functional liposome products, such as long-circulating liposomes, cationic liposomes, stimuli-responsive liposomes, immune liposomes, etc., to address various drug delivery needs.


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