New Study Reveals Middle-Eastern States' Special Attention to Graphene Research

New Study Reveals Middle-Eastern States' Special Attention to Graphene Research

Kathleen A. Lehman from University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, carried out a study on the graphene researches in 17 Middle-Eastern countries.

This research studied and compared various indices such as the conditions of countries, top authors, top research centers, most cited articles and centers that support studies on graphene.

According to the results of the research, Iran has published the highest number of articles among the 17 countries by publishing 1,160 articles while Saudi Arabia and Turkey rank second and third by publishing 412 and 317 articles on graphene, respectively.

This research introduced 11 research centers as the most active centers in publishing graphene related articles. The top centers are as follows: Islamic Azad University (Iran), Sharif University of Technology (Iran), King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia), and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia).

This research also studied the rate of growth in the number of studies carried out on graphene in the world and in the region. Similar to the glabal growth, the number of researches carried out on graphene has increased rapidly in the region, to the extent that it reached 812 articles in 2014 from 110 articles in 2010.


Annual number of grapheme-related publications with at least one affiliation in the Middle-East

The study showed that about 95% of the publications have been in form of articles while 3% have been in form of proceeding papers. The following table lists the journals that have published the highest number of graphene related articles.


Journal Title

No. articles

Physical Review B


RSC Advances


Physica E: Low Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures


Journal of Applied Physics


Applied Physics Letters


Solid State Communications


Journal of Physical Chemistry C


ACS Nano


Electrochimica Acta





This research showed that researchers in the Middle-East, like other researchers across the world, have realized the importance of graphene, and they have carried out different researches to develop the knowledge about graphene.

Please visit Publications section in order to read the full paper, exclusively published in StatNano.




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Graphene is the strongest material on earth and should b researched

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