Are You Into Baseball? Into Nanotechnology Too? Read This Article Now

Are You Into Baseball? Into Nanotechnology Too? Read This Article Now

World Baseball Softball Confederation, the world governing body for the sports of baseball and softball, has appointed Nanotech Security Corp. as its sole supplier of brand protection and security authentication products so as to leverage the company’s nano-optic structures and colour-shifting materials’ technology to protect all WBSC’s merchandise and its licensees.

Nanotech Security Corp., a leading innovator in the research, creation and production of nano-optic structures and colour-shifting materials used in the banknote and brand protection markets, announces the signing of a multi-year brand protection contract with World Baseball Softball Confederation (“WBSC”)

Nanotech will be the exclusive supplier of brand protection and security authentication products to WBSC and its licensees. WBSC is recognized as the sole competent authority in baseball and softball by the International Olympic Committee with 138 member countries from Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and Oceania, representing over 65 million athletes and attracting approximately 150 million fans. Under the three-year agreement, Nanotech will supply brand protection authentication labels to protect all merchandise manufactured, distributed or sold under license from WBSC.

Nanotech entered the brand protection market in April 2019 with the launch of two new products Dynamic Portrait™ and LiveLogo™. These new products display high-fidelity images far beyond conventional print resolution, offering customers a unique and versatile solution against brand counterfeiting. The Dynamic Portrait security labels for WBSC contain a high definition logo and colourful baseballs that turn on-and-off at different viewing angles to prove the authenticity of WBSC’s merchandise. The visual effects produced by Dynamic Portrait are nearly impossible to replicate or reverse engineer due to Nanotech’s patented origination process using advanced nanotechnology.

“We look forward to supplying brand protection solutions to WBSC and its licensees through our nano-optic technology platform,” said Troy Bullock, President and CEO of Nanotech. “It’s great to see customer validation so quickly after entering a new market. Brand protection represents a key pillar in our growth strategy and an excellent application for our technology. We look forward to expanding our presence in the sector.”

“WBSC is excited to partner with Nanotech in an effort to secure its brand through industry-leading security features,” said Miguel Pazcabrales, Managing Director at Base International. “The solutions provided by Nanotech will strengthen brand protection for all WBSC merchandise as well as the products sold under its licensing program.”


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